Community Health Resource for Runners

Hello Runners!

I am putting together a resource page for the community and need your help!

We runners will end up hurting at some point in our running habit and will need to find a doctor who understands our obsession. This new resource will list health professionals who serve the running community, and may even be runners themselves.

If you have a doctor or health professional whom you highly recommend, or have had experience with please leave a comment below and mention:

Doctor’s name
Hospital association
Specialty (example: Orthopedics, Massage, Chiropractor, Spine, etc.)

3 thoughts on “Community Health Resource for Runners

  1. Laura Pudlowski
    Massage Therapy
    Amazing. So knowledgeable. Works on lots of runners and cyclists.

    Dr. Phil O’Brien
    Sports Chiropractic and Graston Technique
    (484) 892-2420
    Has worked with pro and Olympic athletes. Outstanding knowledge of muscle/skeletal system. Good for Graston and alignments.

  2. Randy Jaeger, M.D.
    Coordinated Health, Allentown, Cedar Crest
    He is a runner and works to keep people exercising.

    Kurt Brezinski
    Coordinated Health, Allentown, Cedar Crest
    When was running he did his best to keep me running. Now swimming (he is a former College Swimmer) he keeps me swimming whenever possible through and injury.

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