Valley News – April 17

I’m not sure if any of you caught the Boston Marathon on Universal Sports yesterday but I was glued to my computer for the entire elite race. (Sorry, friends, by noon I was pretty much done with it, as I’m sure you were too!) Holy mackeral, what a race. I thought it was a defining example of exactly what marathon racing is all about. You never know what kind of weather you are going to be handed, you never know how well your training will have prepared you until you are out there running in the conditions of the day. Conditions can change by the hour, even mile by mile. This year was rough. Congratulations to each one of you who traveled to Boston and ran the race. If you were one of the 400-something runners who chose to defer until next year, I hope you can find an upcoming race to utilize all of the training. I’m sure you’re ready to pounce on your next race effort.

5:30 – Prediction Run
Beer and Food
Games for Brooks and Aardvark prizes.
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This weekend will test your 5k race readiness. [check website for links]

Lasso Memorial 5k (Bethlehem)
Spring Fever 5k (Boyertown)
PBS39 Family 5k (Bethlehem)
Pheasant 5k (Slatington)
Rumspringa Half Marathon (Adamstown)

Purple Pinkie 5k (Center Valley)

Yoga for Runners and Walkers
Visit  for the details on the third workshop in this series. It is not necessary to have attended the previous two workshops in order to participate. In this workshop Katrina will discuss working with asanas and sequences that will aid you in your running/walking. Explore how running/walking helps you with your yoga practice. Katrina will also discuss injury prevention in both yoga and running.

In case you missed it …

Here is a quick rundown of upcoming activities and races with youth fun runs associated with them.

Race Fee Increase
The Quadzilla 15k Trail Race is filling up. Race fees increase on May 1st. If you have been wanting to sign up, now is the time.