Attention Runners: Trail Closure

Lehigh Parkway Retaining Wall Needs Repair

Park officials have closed the section of trail between Robin Hood Bridge and the water pump station in Lehigh Parkway until further notice. This is the part of the path located directly along the retaining wall. If you enter Lehigh Parkway via Lehigh Street/15th Street you will have noticed cones along the stone wall.

Officials have been aware of the repairs needed for the retaining wall and when out to check on it earlier this week they noticed that it had moved 2 feet. This is quite serious and there is high concern that the wall could collapse, especially with the pressure from the car traffic on Park Drive.

Park Drive, the main entrance into Lehigh Parkway, is being temporarily reduced to one-lane, one-way incoming traffic only. Exit from the park will be available via a marked detour onto Lehigh Parkway South. The lane reduction and detour is now in effect.

Work is expected to take up to 90 days.

I encourage you to please stay off the path near the retaining wall. This is a serious matter. The retaining wall is falling and it is extremely dangerous to run near it. Please use extreme caution and avoid that section of the path.

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