Running with Two: Thankful for Family

It’s been a while since I submitted an article. I didn’t forget about writing; I just find myself strapped for time. Most of my childless, workless times are discovered late in the evening where I’m half asleep trying to fight my couch from consuming my body. I fill chunks of freedom with dishes, laundry and prepping for the next day. I make sure that clean gym clothes find their way into my back pack so I can hit the gym at lunch. Although I’m not training for anything in particular I need to keep running. I like to run; running clears my head and keeps me from going insane. The lunchtime run, though, doesn’t satisfy. I rush to get to the gym, if my schedule permits, then I squeeze in a run on the dreadmill, to hurriedly get myself clean, dry and smelling fresh to finish the second half of my work day.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who understands my desire to squeeze in a good run. I try to get out on the road at least once during a weekend. We iron out the details of when/where and he watches the girls so I can get my head cleared. Maybe he just likes having me out of the house, hmmm. Nevertheless, I take him up on the offer and head out the door. I use these runs to de-stress; this is my therapy session. I still feel uncomfortable in my running tights, I’m not as fast as I used to be and I certainly can’t go two miles without a drink, but I don’t worry about the laundry that piles up or the chicken I forgot to pull out of the freezer. I forget to start my Garmin and I spend more time admiring the surrounding landscapes. During this run time is suspended; I am the only person in my universe. I hear my heavy breathing in line with my feet hitting the pavement creating a melodic cadence of surrender. In due time I’m looping back towards my starting place excited to finish a cleansing run. At the end I take a few deep breaths while bending over to relieve my tight hamstrings. My time is over.

I make it back to the house, remove my shoes in the garage and waltz through the door into the mud room. I’m greeted by my three favorite people. Ava runs towards me. I scoop her up and smother her with kisses. Marcus walks over, holding Allison, for his ‘hello’ kisses. The time apart recharged my mind and body, but also renewed the fact that I have a wonderful, supportive family.

Whether you’re a new mom (or dad) or could do this with your eyes closed, it’s acceptable and advisable for you to take some ‘time off’ and do something for yourself. You’re not abandoning your children. You’re merely preserving your mind and body to be the best parent you can be. Take time for yourself to rejuvenate. Happy running!
Christina “Muffin” Roberts, wife and mother, ran through her second pregnancy. Disappointed with the lack of information on pregnancy and running available today, she wanted to write about her experiences in hopes of sharing what she’s learned and to encourage fellow pregnant runners to keep on running. She continues to write post-baby about the challenges of balancing running with motherhood. Christina blogs at