Running with Two: A Juggling Act

I returned to my full time job in the health care IT industry at the end of August. I started on a Thursday after three awesome ‘me’ days. Both girls went to day care that Monday and I took advantage of the free time to clock some mileage, prep meals, clean house and get a pedicure. As each hour peeled away I got a little more nervous about the next chapter in our family lives. I knew that we would face the challenge of juggling work and family responsibilities with personal desires. Could we do this? Would I survive?

Well, it’s been roughly one month since that dreaded day in August and I’m still here with a smile on my face. I returned to the gym to supplement my training program for the Hershey half marathon. Although I’d love to PR, I haven’t had as much time for speed work. I have accepted the fact that I am NOT Wonder Woman, but I continue to succeed in assembling healthy meals most nights during the week. My pants still don’t fit as well as I’d like and it’s been a while since I blogged.* I’m not able to vacuum the dog hair as often as I should and the clean clothes are starting to consume a corner in my bedroom. All is okay with the world as long as I get to spend time with my family.

Our days mirror the races we’ve recently participated in: we accept the challenge with excitement and try to plan as best as possible. We take off into the wind with our heads held high. Approaching the unexpected incline we try to stand tall while pushing the weight of the world forward. Struggling along mid-race we’re pleasantly surprised by a short downhill to the finish line. Careful not to sprint, we increase our speed ending with strength.

To all the Wonder Woman and Superman imposters: Happy Juggling!

* “blogged” is a term for writing or creating a new entry on a blog, or web log. A blog is a place to write, sort of like a diary or journal, which takes place online and is often shared with others.

Christina “Muffin” Roberts, wife and mother, ran through her second pregnancy. Disappointed with the lack of information on pregnancy and running available today, she wanted to write about her experiences in hopes of sharing what she’s learned and to encourage fellow pregnant runners to keep on running. She continues to write post-baby about the challenges of balancing running with motherhood. Christina blogs at