BAA To Unveil New Standards in Early 2011

An article posted in the Boston Globe earlier this week reports that the BAA has been working hard to figure out changes for future Boston Marathon registrations. After registration closed in a record 8 hours and 3 minutes this past October for the 115th Boston Marathon which will be held in April 2011, voices around the world began crying out for change. Opinions differed about whether the BAA should tighten certain standards, loosen others or even get rid of charity runners. Boston Marathon hopefuls are concerned about what the changes will be and whether or not they will make the cut.

After numerous meetings and research, the BAA has narrowed its options to what race director Dave McGillivray called some “necessary adjustments’’ and “a few innovative approaches.’’ The final formula will involve a combination of adjustments to the qualifying standards, field size, and registration start date and window during which runners can qualify. It is highly unlikely any form of lottery will be instituted.

Changes could be announced as early as mid-January. The BAA intends to honor qualifying times which were run within the traditional window, which opens in mid-September, but it is not clear whether this will go back two years as it has in the past. The new plan will be phased into effect beginning with the 2012 marathon.